The Music

Our mission is to make great music for kids that won’t drive parents BONKERS! We realize that this is a bold statement, so we welcome you to take a listen and see for yourselves why families everywhere are thanking the Go Fish Guys for saving them from the world of lame kids music!  C.S. Lewis once said that a children's book worth reading only as a child isn't worth reading even then.  We feel the same way about children's music.  Just because it's for kids doesn't mean the songs have to be poorly written and recorded on a shoestring budget.  We feel that families have gotten the short end of the musical stick and we are on a mission to change that! 

The response to our music and mission has simply blown us away and it has been amazing to see our music spread by simple word-of-mouth marketing.  Thanks to the parents out there who continue to tell others about our mission of making music that the whole family can enjoy together!

Album List